Holidays in Florida

Last time I was here in Panama City Beach Florida, it was bathing suit weather, a swimming pool and ocean fun with the dolphins. You can see those posts in the mid July archive (to the right of the page). This round it’s gloves, scarves and Holiday festivities!

Almost to her home from the airport she had me put on a blind fold. What? I listened carefully as we parked in what seemed to be a wind tunnel (it was a parking garage that sat sea side). She then took me by the hand and led me on a short walk to an elevator. To prevent me from hearing the “ding” of how many stories we were going up, she had me plug my ears and sing “Jingle Bells” as loudly as I could. I then shuffled behind her as we ended in a silent room. I took off the blind fold and here I stood looking at a cozy condo decorated with love. Partly for a belated birthday (to my memory, this was the first birthday celebration that we were apart…ever) and Christmas.


Candles in cups of frozen yogurt? When I was a child, I would leave my cake and go for seconds of the ice cream. That being said, my observant mother starting decorating rice crispy treat cakes, ice cream sandwiches and frozen yogurt. Now that’s love!



The following morning we woke up to a Christmas Eve with more surprises. The blind fold and 20 story elevator ride had led me to her friends condo that she had reserved as a gift for us. Welcome to our new view for the next week. Check out the cool storm rolling in!



Since all of our things are packed away in storage, she had prepared our day with new blank stockings to design with random art supplies. We added some snacks and adult beverages to enhance our holiday creativity.







Perfect timing to finish up and embrace the open water and a peaceful sunset.



After the sun went down we decided (in a fit of giggles) to get bundled up and go for a walk. Here are the only three pictures captured: The start of the walk, some beach holiday decorations at a local diner followed by the handstand photo.




Time for bed now in hopes of a white Christmas morning… In Florida? It happened! We thoroughly enjoyed it with a morning toast on the balcony.



Santa decided to put mustaches in my stocking which were then distributed throughout the house. Simple entertainment!






As the day progressed with reggae music as our theme music, we played with our food and put together a puzzle.




My Grams told me if you lick the piece… It’ll fit anywhere. Experience is knowledge!




All games put away, holidays cleaned up and now a sunset to be thankful for as I sit with the woman who continues to be my biggest fan. We reminisced of the years together and I’m thankful to be able to look at her (in person) and give gratitude for her unconditional support. I love you Mom!



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One thought on “Holidays in Florida

  1. Cheryl webb

    Glad to see you and your mom so happy. Give hugs for me. Happy new years love u cheryl

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