Today, I just was.

I sat alone on a bench in Frankfurt today. My eyes were closed to fully appreciate the warmth from the sun on my chilly skin. I must of relaxed enough to fall into some sort of meditative state as I was no longer in Germany, I wasn’t on a “Eurotrip”, I wasn’t that girl traveling the world.

I simply just… was.

I could hear kids laughing with every clink of the tea ball bat. The sound of children expressing joy seems to be a universal melody. A noise that should be appreciated at every opportunity.
I could almost feel the heavy heart beats of the runners as they would sport pass me. Some with great speed, others with a consistent rhythm. All using their lungs to the fullest.
You couldn’t mistaken the panting of the chipper pups that would prance by while sniffing the fresh air. You could almost feel them smiling inside.

When I tuned out the people and their pets with busy feet, I absorbed the sound of the wind through each leaf. A bit too cold for my nose, but a strange sense of warm comfort to my ears.

After what seemed like just a minute my ears were struck with a slight new sense. It was just a soft shuffle… No giggles, no pets, no athletes and for that moment the wind had disappeared from my focus. As I opened my eyes, I connected on the sight of an elderly couple walking pass me. He was kicking the dirt around like a young boy as she scooted along side him. Her hands behind her back as she gazed towards him with the energy of a little school girl. They exchanged words in German. She continued to smile as he looked ahead.


Makes me wonder what they’ve been through in their lifetime. What was important to them today, how about 10 years ago verses forty years ago? When the sun goes down, what do they give thanks to?

Today was a brilliant day to be alive. My cold nose, warm heart and active ears were in tune with each breath. A breath that I often take for granted. Today… I am grateful.

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3 thoughts on “Today, I just was.

  1. Jason Gilkes

    Erika…that was an awesome entry!

  2. leslie Jones

    love it Erika!

  3. What a beautiful post, reflective and poignant. Thanks for writing!

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