Small break…

To all of the people who have encouraged this blog, I thank you. I thank you for the consistent support in my expeditions around this beautiful planet as I connect with new places, vibrant cultures and intriguing people.

Unfortunately technology has brought a challenge to my blogging experience as I search for a new photo uploading program. Any suggestions are welcome, so please feel free to email me at:

Until then, I’ll give you written updates on the incredible places I’m exploring and save the photos for a later post. Once I’m back up and running, I encourage you to grab a glass of wine, a bowl of fruit or whatever makes you smile and sit with me as I recap my journey.

As of now, I’m circling the gorgeous country of Spain with a full tummy of tapas, wandering eyes searching for my next handstand and a pure smile of peace.

Cheers till next time!

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One thought on “Small break…

  1. Robin

    We await your tech resolution and more pictorial adventures, although maybe not too patiently. 🙂

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