Color me yum

Most of the meals we’ve had here have been homemade at our apartmemt. It’s financially smarter between the two of us and also beneficial to our health. (that sounded way more serious than I meant it). Also, when we DO eat out at a local place, it increases the appreciation for flavor, variety and the whole no cooking or dishes part.

Here is an unplanned “creative” meal we through together.

In the fridge we had an egg, a cup of lentils and some veggies. Excellent…. An  omlette with lentils on the side, next to some raw veggies.

Even though the yolk is where the cholesterol and fat is, it’s also the home of many nutrients that are good for the body. I wouldn’t necessarily have them every day or multiple at a time, but once in awhile is ok. Sometimes if I’m making 2 eggs, I’ll just use one yolk and two whites. This meal was a whole egg because there wasn’t a significant amount of fat in any of the other sides and we were out of avacodo and nuts (or that would of been a tasty garnish).
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Chopped up bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms went into the egg. Fresh cucumber, bell and a few carrots were on the side of steamed pumpkin. Each plate was then topped off with a portion of lentils.
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Protein: lentils and egg
Carb: lentils and veggies
Fat: yolk from the egg


I had a smidge left over, that would of been so easy to either toss or “force down”… But why? 
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The following morning I remembered my other half of the Plain Greek yogurt in the fridge. Grabbed a few rice crackers as well and Viola! Now I have breakfast for the walk to school. 
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Protien: Lentils and yogurt
Carb: veggies and crackers
Fat: Rest of the yolk and a dash from the yogurt

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