Fish N Chips x 3

I mentioned in a previous post that I would tell you what I did with the beautiful (but massive) plate of fish, chips, veggies and salad I was served back in Timaru, New Zealand.

I believe in a balanced lifestyle that best suits each individual person.  For example, some enjoy 3 large meals with no snacks in the middle, many are gluten free, others may feel at their best as vegetarians… Whatever fits your daily routine and allows you to maximize your health, energy and schedule, I say go for it! 
However, If you’re always sick and/or tired, over or under a healthy weight,  not sleeping well, (the list goes on) I would suggest evaluating not only your stress level, but your nutritional habits.

For me, I feel at my best when I eat veggie based, protien enhanced, small portions with as much variety as possible. I add products with fat by sticking primarily to the ones that have some type of benefit to my health if it be nuts, seeds, bananas, yogurt, avocado, oils, etc.
Once in awhile, I’ll throw in a scrumptious meal thats out of my norm…just to keep my body guessing and taste buds alert. Also, this world is full of amazing things, how dare I limit myself to what “I” think is the best.


The first portion I ate just the way as it came. I always try it exactly how the chef prepares it out of respect for their creation and also because usually…well always… It’s made differently than I would of done it and I love new things!

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As soon it came out I separated a serving size of the fiput and put the other 2/3 in a to go box. (I de-breaded it leaving just the white flaky fish for left overs). 
I thouroughly enjoyed all of the fresh raw veggies and put a good portion of the cooked veggies aside with the remaining fish. Chips (fries) are obviously not the healthiest choice, but an unusual treat and I valued every single bite. There were a few crispy ones left so not to be wasteful, I put those in the to go box as well for a future recipe. 
With every meal or snack I try and balance protein, carb and fat. Here’s how this one worked:

Protien: Fish
Carb: Veggies and chips
Fat: Oil


So now I have 2 servings of fish left, some chips and cooked veggies. I took a little less than 1/2 of the fish and the rest of the chips and put them in a bowl.   Added 1 egg white, and some raw chopped veggies including celery, carrot, onion,  bell pepper, and zucchini. Herbed it up with some cilantro, garlic and pepper (salt not needed due to the left over Chips). Mashed it all together to create a fish, veggie patty and grilled it. Once it came off the grill, I put it aside a green salad with no dressing and used the flavor of the patty and a dash of salsa to complement the greens. 

Protein: Fish and egg.
Carbs: Chips and veggies.
Fat: Oil from the fish, and chips.


Remaining fish and veggies simply thrown in a brown rice tortilla with a dab of yogurt, cucumber, avocado and lettuce. A fish wrap… Easy!

Protein: Fish and yogurt
Carbs: Tortilla and veggies
Fat: Oil from the fish and avocado.

So one plate made 3 huge, complete meals with only adding a few additional items. This round I was lucky to have a fridge and grill to use for my left overs as well as a fresh market within walking distance. Score!

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