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If you’re happy and you know it…

Remember that outfit I had on when I was…. Of course not!

Unless you had a major crush on your 3rd grade teacher or a phenominal memory, do you remember the dress she had on? Chances are, she probably thought long and hard about the perfect combination. “I want to look professional for the parents, but welcoming and fun for the students.”. Maybe her thoughts helped in the classroom and maybe they didn’t. Either way, my point is that generally you probably care more of your outer appearance than those around you.

I’m guilty of it as well (I do have a “fashion” page on this blog) however,
like most things in life, I believe in balance. It’s natural to feel great when you are lookin good, but I’m learning more and more that you look even better when you feel amazing!

In so many words, you should love what your dressing up. There’s no lipstick that can make a frown say “Please come try having a pleasant conversation with this face that would have rather stayed home and had a sob session about my skirt not fitting properly”. I have yet to find a strapless dress that makes slouched shoulders say “I’m confident and seeking some stimulating socialization!”

Gentleman, if you care more about the quality of your suit than the quality of energy put forth in conversation, take a look at the people you’re attracting. The sincerity in your smile far out shines the reflection on your fancy shoes. I’m speaking for my own personal preferences here, but if you’re with me, let’s begin to transfer our focus towards the people on this planet who desire to make a positive impact on those around them.

It’s unquestionable how stunning a smile is. Laughter is beautiful!






Beyond intimate relationships, what about the friendly conversation in line at the market? Do you make eye contact while they’re expressing themselves, or do you look at your watch to signify the obvious “I’m in a hurry and I’m just listening to you so I don’t seem like the impatient person I really am”.

Im not trying to promote the act of pretending to be interested in everyone or the “Fake best friend Union”… just brighten up a bit! You really don’t know how you may unintentionally impact someones day in the most positive way.

Would if that nervous waitress is stressing through her first day on the job?
That lost traveler with a map and look of “How did I get here and where am I”? They would probably be thrilled and relieved with a friendly “Hello” or “Do you need any help?”
Maybe that stranger in line just got diagnosed with a terminal illness and your warm eyes lightens their heart and strengthens their spirit.

Stop, smile, and look around. Remember what’s important… we’re all in this together!




*All photos from above were found online. The photo below is me… happy!



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