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A mirror selfie, really Erika?

Yup.  This solo photo and tiny post is for two main reasons.

#1 – For the friends and family that don’t have facebook or consistent contact with me.  Here’s an idea of how the end of each travel stretch usually looks like.  

#2 – For me.  In years to come, I’d like to look back and recall the way I felt standing there. So many emotions.

You may be able to recognize the exhaustion behind my eyes.  This comes from weeks of walking, drinking, laughing and minimal sleep that I barely acquired on floors, buses, trains and other random surfaces. You might also see the excitement in my smile to be heading west towards the friends and family who I miss dearly. I’m sure you also saw the random trash can behind me.  Just stating the obvious.

The necklace I have on was made by a kiwi that had moved to Santa Catalina Panama to sell her jewelry at Cafe La Buena Vida. The jacket was given to me by Denise in Amsterdam, I bought the shoes in New York City and snagged the scarf in The Netherlands (my original scarf and boots were taken off of a friends porch, hopefully by someone in greater need). The elephant bag in my hand is the replacement for the original one seen in Sisterhood of the traveling bag. It dubs as a grocery sac, airplane carry-on and my purse.

What you don’t see in the photo below is what’s in the bag on my back. There’s a used dirndl that I rolled up in cling wrap to make it as small as possible, a torn plastic bag stuffed with dirty socks and a pair of jeans that smelt like currywurst and beer.  Of course it also contains my toiletries, more clothes, a first aid kit and invisible bricks that make this thing feel like a bag of rocks at times.

Wouldn’t trade any of it.


Next stop in sunny(ish) California! I’ll be there for a quick visit with some incredible friends as I repack “Big Blue” (appropriately named by one of my favorite blog followers). You’ll notice my posts will be fewer in the upcoming weeks as my focus has turned towards preparing for the next glorious chapter. 

To be continued…

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Cheers to the next chapter!

What a year! This day marks 12 months that I’ve been living out of a backpack and circling the globe. Let’s pause for all the other backpackers out there and take a moment to absorb what I mean by “living”. I’m not implying that I was on vacation with a suitcase or barely surviving on the road with some luggage. I mean my toiletries, kitchen, first aid, bedroom closet, and playroom was carried on my back around the world. I now have a new attachment to this blue beauty that has hugged me on trains, busses and hikes and slept next to me in hostels, vans, airports and tree houses. It’s been below jet planes and on top of Peruvian mini vans… I feel like it should have a name, any suggestions?




















As I begin to comprehend where I’ve been and continue to appreciate where I am now, I realize that my experiences are reaching beyond the people and places and are now truly extending to new friends and extraordinary cultures.

Much love and many thanks to those who have continually supported this spectacular adventure. To the fellow travelers that have brought me new perspectives and to the other unexpected connections along the way… My heart has full gratitude for your vibrant addition to my life.

Cheers to the next chapter and more priceless memories!

*Side note: I’m currently taking nominations for the handstand photo of the year! Please take a look at the page above titled “Handstanding around the world” and pick your favorites. You can comment below or email me directly at The top 5 will be announced and voted on soon!

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