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A waffle, a walk and a picnic in the park

The city of Bochum sits between Essen and Dortmund in the  northwestern part of Germany. It offers shopping, a variety of food and a long street of bars, clubs and pubs.  Our favorite spot?  Just at the end of the strip is Konrad Adenauer Platz or KAP for short. With open air seating for the public surrounded by options of drinks and treats, it makes for the perfect meeting point. 

 Our choice is one of Carina’s friends who opened an adorable camper providing healthy(ish) options that are all made right in front of you. A sweet waffle or savory crepe, what’s your delight?

Allie and I split a warm crepe with pumpkin, carrots, cashews and some sort of vegan apple-cream sauce.

(Please take notice to her small red sign on the right… LOVE it!) 
With good food and a sunny day, we chose for a walk to a local hotspot known as West Park.  


I found this location unique considering the grand size of the open green areas that sat directly in front of an old industrial plant. The mysterious looking building is now used as a concert venue.  I’d love to come back and see a performance there!


Blankets, check. Loving friends, check. Snacks, drinks and a peaceful convo in the park, check!

There’s no way I was going to let this backdrop slide without a handstand shot.  What a perfect addition from the girls! 

The evening brought more people to the table and left us with a bundle of new friends.  

 Then one last walk on our favorite strip. Obviously we like to recreate photos and this one was brilliant and completely unexpected! The top photo from 4 years ago includes my dear friend Tiffany (filled in by Hayden) and another gentleman to make the duplicate. Adults being kids… why not?!  

What a joyful send off! Now where you ask? The southeastern city of Munchen! Otherwise known as Munich, this is the home that hosts the popular event of Oktoberfest.  Not an imitation party, or your local towns version… but the actual 205 year old festival! This will be my 4th attendance but for the other Americans, it’s their first!

Getting to take them is like what I imagine bringing your kids to Disneyland for the first time would be like. You’re more excited to watch them experience it more than you are even going!

The 4 of us will take the night bus and meet the others that will follow by car in the morning. Good night!

Backpacker fun (or not so fun) fact:

We saved $300 as a group by sufferring through the bus ride verses a sleeper car on a train. Worth it? Depends which one of us you ask.


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Fish fry and fireworks!

One of my goals with this (unofficial) officially quirky blog is to show you a variety of views in regards to culture, traditions and everyday differences around this beautiful planet. In the next few posts, you’ll see several options in which Americans celebrate their Independence Day, better known as “The 4th of July”.

I’ll start with a quick flashback from years prior. In the 2012 post, 4th of July in the USA I was in Folsom California for a cattle drive followed by a house boat trip with some long time friends. 2013 found me returning to that familiar floating home-of-fun with the same amazing group seen in Jumbled July Shenanigans in California.
Last year I decided to celebrate on the other side of the nation with my mom, seen in 4th of July Santa Rosa Beach Style.

This round brings me to Oklahoma with 3 different ways that “folks around these parts” (to be said with a southern accent) celebrate North America’s anniversary of freedom.

Option 1: The backyard barbeque -AKA- block party, neighborhood social, shindig, friendly feast, cookout, potluck, USA’s birthday party, fish fry, weinie roast, BBQ, grass gather, barefoot dinner, Okie banquet or picnic.

This specific event is an annual barbeque held on the property of the local sherif (yes, this cute little town of Agra knows the name of both cops). With food, drinks, waterslides, a trampoline and fireworks… it’s surely a local favorite! 

Lets take a quick walk.  The following photos speak for themselves.  I’ll start with my personal favorite, a country kid with an innocent glare piercing the camera.  I couldn’t of set it up any better. 

     Considering the amount of entertainment provided, this family affair leaves the adults time for enjoying some catch up conversations while encouraging the kids to completely exhaust themselves. 

     With temperatures creeping near 100 degrees (about  37 celsius), a monster waterslide measuring in at 30 x 60 feet (9 x 18 meters) was the main attraction.  Sign me up!


A close runner up would be the kiddy pools, or “the bathtub” according to the little girl covered in mud. 


Hungry? You’re welcome to the fried fish, pork shoulder, beans, rice, potato salad, fried bread, macaroni salad and more of what most consider southern food. I’ll admit that I did not partake in the “grub” shared by the hospitable hosts, however the line shows that many were eager to fill their bellies!  

       Once the buffet was set and ready, they called attention to the crowd for a blessing of the food and a come and get it holler. The kind eyes pictured below belong to Patty, the woman behind the preparations.

 Here’s a sample plate from my cousin Eric (aka “Dude”). 

 Talk about country style cookin, welcome to the crawfish boil! Yep, they drop corn and potatoes with pounds of crawdads into boiling water and viola! Supper is served. Everyone dip up a plate?  Hardly. Gather around the table and dig in!


As night crept up, the chairs began to form a horseshoe shape around the soon-to-be firework show. A quick hello to friends Tyler and Austin before the flames begin. Sparklers and Picalo Petes? No way, this colorful display is going sky high!  



That wraps up the first event of this holiday weekend.  Next up, a baseball game and camping lakeside…

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Jump kick in Machu Picchu

Last year, I wrote about some secret tips that were given to me by a local. My promise still stands, if you’re ever going to make experience the sacred city, please write me and I’ll gladly expose a few hints that will enhance your journey! Until then, the secret remains amongst them who have made the trek with me.

4:00am- Alarm sounds to an already awake room of travelers.
4:30- Showered, packed and ready to leave.
5:00- Lined up at the first bus to depart!


5:30- Bus ride in the dark to the base of the city.



6:00am- Whats this? We’re the first people in line to enter the sacred city!




The next 20 minutes is to remain undocumented for the strength of the “secret”… but here is one photo along the way before reaching our lookout point.


Once arriving, the fog acted like a curtain that requested patience as it protected the artwork we all came to see. We took advantage of this moment with a few fun photos!






Layer by layer, the curtains gracefully lifted as the masterpiece was revealed.






On the way down into the city, I realized that I wanted to mix up the handstand photo from last year . How amazing are my friends? They patiently waited as I ran into the empty field (that was apparently off limits) and snagged the picture. Can you spot me?



Time to head in and explore the walls that make up this mystical place.













A happy picnic break to take it all in as we watched the herd of people (who slept in) make their way towards us.







Between the four of us and our enthusiasm for fun pictures, it was hard to pass up any of the next photos!












Here’s the classic pose and snap shots taken before our final hike down the trail.



A sincere thanks to my new friends Colin and Ann for the incredible partnership and enthusiasm towards this remarkable journey. Hayden, you blindly booked a flight with the trust in me to make it happen… I’m honored for your company on this priceless journey as you enhanced the experience for all of us!


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