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Visitors, a dozen of them!

Visitors! I’d love to go into full detail about each guest and at happened while they were here, but I’m too eager to catch up to the present day! With that said, I’m just going to sum up the 10 wonderful months of guests (for my selfish reflection and future reference).

First there’s Florian. If I could bundle up happy, creative, smart, funny, quirky, loyal and loving… he would be it! I met him over 7 years ago at my first Oktoberfest in Munich Germany, (a tradition that went on for years to follow) and continued to reconnect around the world. Prior to Barbados, there was a a surprise trip to Recklinghausen, a quick stop in Amsterdam , a week in Crete Greece and the unforgettable vacation he took to visit my home state of California!

Florian’s visit was over a year ago and I was able to make a post about it (I just didn’t want to leave his smile out of this article). If you’d like to see that one, please click here!

Next up was Amanda, a driven, hard working, beautiful friend that I met while working out. Who would of thought a few partner burpees would lead to a friendship and a visit out of the country?! She was also the first and only guest to get me out to run a casual 5k with her… on a Saturday… just for fun. Only you Amanda!

Kira and John, the first couple to come see us. I was so honored that they were willing to jet off (leaving their 3 kids with Nana) and stay awhile! I don’t think I had laughed so much in a matter of 5 days until these 2 showed up. Too much fun and memories for a life time!

Cole is a photographer, videographer, musician and owner of the quickly growing Enlightened Studios. Such an intriguing guy to have a round, especially when him and Matt would often nerd out on camera talk. Fun facts: Cole is the one that recorded our engagement! Fun fact #2: Cole and Matt now work closely together as they expand Enlightened Studios!

Sweet Erica… hairstylist, yogi, free spirited and a pocket full of sunshine. Her arrival overlapped with Coles and made for a great combo. She joined us with the cruise and a mud n’ paint party fully embracing the local celebration. My favorite part of her trip was our girls day out adventure! Accidentally driving the off road course, animal flower caves, a sunset glass of wine and a toast to the next chapter.

Josh is a long time friend of Matts and a new time friend to me! Adventure came full force when he landed, with hiking, climbing, surfing, dancing and a vegan dinner every night. Josh seemed to fit right in with his flexible personality and willingness to experience it all!

Matts mom Terri, her fiancé Jack and his daughter Lauren came out to see what all of our talk was about this beautiful island. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to get to know them even more! Island tours, boat cruises, beach days, local cuisine and a girls night (just me and Lauren) were just a few of the events welcoming this crew to our home.

Reni was Matts best man in the wedding and stayed with us for the days leading up to it. He doesn’t go unnoticed with his bright smile and not-so-subtle character. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without him! What added to his energy? Only my dear friend Bree! An equally enthusiastic person with a lot of love and energy to give. These two at our place during the same time made for constant laughter and a family feel right off the bat! We were focused on the wedding so there weren’t too many casual photos taken around the house. Here are a few from the celebrations!

So in the short 10 months that Matt lived in Barbados with me, we got to house-sit 5 different homes and hosted a dozen visitors (not including the 25 at the wedding)! I’d like to claim a small success in sharing the beauty of my favorite island, so thankful we had the opportunity.

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“Cabañas Time Out”

Welcome to the “barefoot luxury” hotel of Cabañas Time Out located a short walk from one of the best surf breaks in Panama. In fact, next month Santa Catalina is hosting a massive surf competition right here! Hmmm, maybe I was two weeks too early?

I wake up with the sun to find the owner Phil sipping coffee poolside with a smile. We go over my duties that include but are not limited to cleaning the rooms as guests check out, showing the arriving people to their room, cooking, bar tending and landscaping as needed.

Before I get started, let me show you around the property. Here’s a tour of the general layout.

The poolside restaurant and yes, that’s a swim up bar!









The favorite spot to read, meditate, sip on a drink or simply take a nap…the hammocks!




This location also filled in for my hair salon (which back in California was ironically named “Erika’s Hair Retreat”).






…and the handstand location.


This is the new addition which is currently the accommodations for all employees and the owner. I’d love to see this beauty finished!


The view from the front window.


Here’s my bedroom and bathroom followed by a few house guests.






The “alarm system” here is mom, dad and their 5 pups equalling a total of 7 Rottweilers roaming around!


Meet the manager and my new partner in crime, Kristi. She’s a level headed spit fire from Germany, that knows what she wants and has the drive to get it done. Love her! Here she is helping Michael (the son of the owner) clean up around the yard.


A few happy guests that I connected with during their stay. If you’ve been following the blog for anytime now, you know I usually cross paths with incredible people more than once… We’ll see!




I got to have some fun around the kitchen as I updated his menu board and put some old bananas to delicious use!






I’ll finish this post with our juicy dinner of garlic sautéed fresh shrimp, raw cabbage salad and seasoned veggie rice. Clearly a meal in which napkins were invited, but not welcome.






Dessert was a treat of improved live music from a few guests. I smiled from within as we sat around with a guitar and harmonica humming tunes that we could all find in common.



Buenos noches.

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