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He called me Mabeline

Where have you been?! Ok, I’ve been surviving tornados in Oklahoma (see the last post to experience that event) while enjoying time with my dads family. Usually I write about the lifestyle around here and some of the latest happenings but during this visit, my focus was quickly detoured due to the passing of my grandfather. I’m so thankful that I was able to be here with my loved ones for this unexpected turn of events.

Papaw (pronounced “Pa-Paw”) proved that a handsome man can sport a flat top and make it look good!


Favorite fun fact: He gave all 14 of his grandchildren personal nicknames that are still used today.
He called me Mabeline (pronounced Mae-buh-leen).

Papaw was in the secondary stages of Alzheimer’s, so I valued our light conversations over his Hot Rod magazines and was honored when I got to give him his last haircut. I giggled when he requested “Make me look like the cool kid in school”, as this was typical humor coming from him.


Recently he said something that has really held strong in my mind, (possibly because he rarely said things like this or maybe it was the clarity in his eyes) either way, it has stuck with me…

“Ya know Mabes (short for Mabeline), living life without happiness is a death wish”.

He passed away one week later.


This post isn’t meant for any other reason than exactly how you personally take it. Could this be a reminder of a loved one that you’ve lost? Maybe it’s a refreshing reality check to appreciate those who are still around. Possibly its just a small thought that enters your life for a moment, then leaves as soon as you click away.

Whatever it is to you… it came with love from me.

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