1,000 pieces of penny cent candies

The Dollar General: “A convenient-sized store that delivers everyday low prices on products that customers use every day”. 

Upon arrival to Oklahoma, I was informed that they were having a huge grand opening. The first 50 customers would receive a tote bag and a $10 gift card. Challenge accepted! 

Just ten little dollars you say? Here’s a small list of things you can get for around $10:

A new wardrobe from a thrift store in Thailand, coloring books and crayons, 1,000 piecieceses of individual penny cent candies, a couple of fancy coffee’s, gallons of gas, frozen yogurt for the whole family, a beach chair, pet toys, art supplies and enough trail mix to weigh down a backpack.  You know the list is never-ending, so for the sake of getting this post up… lets move on.

I left the house around 7:30am for my usual run with the intentions of heading towards the Dollar General by 8:00. Here’s a few sights along the way. 
     Just to give you an idea of how “new” and exciting this place is, check out the panoramic below. Nothing but haystack fields and dirt surrounding the freshly poured cement parking lot.

I was expecting to be one of the first in line, but as you can see, others had the same idea.


 Favorite couple of the day goes to the matching denim overalls! 


And the nominees for best Okie (in a good way) vehicle...

 Yes folks, there was even a yellow ribbon cutting.  It’s official, they mean business.

A friendly smile greeted me with a tote bag and… the gift card!  

No, I didn’t pose this photo appropriately in front of the spam and Velveeta. Maybe. 

Funny how a small event with a bit of success can start your day on the bright side. Not to mention the giggles it brought to my family when I came bouncing through the door with my fancy new presents. 


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