51 Hours of travel to get 1/2 way around the world

This lovely adventure was exactly 3 years ago. What a fun recap!

Her Happy Trails

Since I was traveling through a variety of major time zones, I’ll simply put which hours of my journey I’m describing rather than what time it actually was (don’t know if I could be accurate with that anyway).

Departed his place, checked in and flew to Aukland.
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The start of a wicked layover!

I landed by noon, but wasn’t able to check in for Dubai until 2:30. Snapped a couple of pics before getting rid of my bag.
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I love how this says “Relax”.
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Finally checked in, boarding pass in hand and 4 more hours to burn until I get on the flight.

HOUR 6-8
In New Zealand you’re aloud to bring liquid on the flight and I had a left over bottle of Mount Gay Rum (That I purposing picked in  name of all my friends in Barbados, miss you boys!) There was no way…

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