When it rains, it freezes!

Whenever I return to Oklahoma to spend time with my family, I get greeted with an abundance of love and the type of warm comfort that’s needed in this weather! During my 3 week stay, we experienced sunshine, rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain and two earthquakes. Let us not forget my last visit that was accompanied by tornado’s. (And my family worries about me when I’m abroad?)

Things to do with the snow:

Play in it!





Eat it! Most of you are aware that frozen sweets are my favorite treats. So, when it snows…. my dessert is literally falling from the sky!

Step one: Gather clean snow. This usually excludes the first snow due to toxins collected in the air or any yellow snow that a creature may have used for relief. I would also confirm with your grandma in which direction she sweeps the carport off to prevent questionable objects in your collection. (I may or may not be speaking from experience).

Step two: Find your options for liquid, sweetener and flavoring. Traditionally it’s milk, vanilla and sugar but of course we’ve expanded over the years.


Step three: Narrow down your choices and combine. Then slowly add the snow until you reach your preferred texture. Enjoy!



What happens when the snow melts? You discover a lawn of leaves that should be picked up before Spring. Why not turn it into a little fun team work?




Just when you think the sun has made a comeback, the weather report warns you of freezing rain headed your way!

*Freezing rain is precipitation that falls in liquid form as raindrops and immediately freezes as it contacts most any surface.

Due to the weight of the ice, it tends to snap tree limbs and cause lines to collapse and loose power. Although it can create beautiful images, it’s known in the mid-west as one of the most extreme weather hazards. When the wires go down, it can effect anything to do with power. This means possibly your fridge, lights, appliances, computer and so on. Gorgeous, but not helpful!

The first photo below looks like snow, but it’s all ice!




We get our water from a well… Not today!


My brothers had to smash the ice off of their bikes in order for the chains to act properly. This definitely is a problem we never had to deal with growing up in California.


Speaking of family, I’d like to introduce two of my biggest fans that are welcoming newborns into this grand planet of ours. Lacie and Lana are due to deliver weeks apart, I’m so excited!


UPDATE: Lana delivered a peaceful little girl on December 26th. Welcome sweet Kasiah Rane! (Side note, the cheerful woman in the collage has been following this blog since day one. Thank you Judy for your consistent support!)


Lacie, I feel your positive support thousands of miles away… Always. Thank you love!

If I were to highlight every family member, the post would go on for pages knowing the incredible people that I’m lucky enough to be related to! If you’re actually interested in more details, please feel free to search “family” or “Oklahoma”.

I’ll wrap this one up with a collage of my 5 siblings. Joseph, Benjamin, Hannah, Sarah and Rachel with thoughts of Elizabeth. Miss you kids already!


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One thought on “When it rains, it freezes!

  1. Keith M.

    Wow! What a incredible trip you had. From meeting you in a airport shuttle heading to the Miami airport in August you have since traveled all around the world. I have enjoyed every post and told everyone I know about you and your blog. You are absolutely amazing. What’s next for you?

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