Time for a quick background on the two faces you’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks of posts. First, Hayden should look familiar to most you “experienced followers” as he was just with me in Peru and Costa Rica. I take partial responsibility for giving him the travel bug… I’ve heard it can be contagious!

Here’s a fun collage of some of our last trips abroad together.


Then there’s Mike. A fellow friend that I would describe as having supreme intelligence in the subjects he studies and an open mind that welcomes intriguing conversation at all times. We grew up with Hayden and all have remained to be a close friend throughout the years. Here’s a photo of me and Mike from 15 years ago (before the sweet dreads)!


Now, the three of us connect to for a mini Eurotrip. They’ll be joining me as I visit old travel friends and I’ll get to watch them experience the lifestyle of over seas for the first time.

We met in the New York City airport before boarding our flight to our layover in Iceland. I’ve been told that Iceland is beautiful, but I had no idea how tempting it would be to visit after just a quick transfer! The flight crew, the videos of what they offer and the inviting airport was enough for me to look into volunteering there.


The weather was a bit shocking to us after leaving Summer in the states and landing here. (Side thought: I feel like this poster might suggest that some may think 40 years old is old. Silly thought right?).






Finally landing in London, we jumped on a direct train to Salisbury which will be our overnight stay before seeing Stonehenge. Our hostel of choice was an adorable family owned bed and breakfast with great location and welcoming hosts. For more info, check out the Spire Bed and Breakfasast.



A couple quick pics of our room and the breakfast stand.





Check out this cute little city holding traditional pubs, tourist shops, historic cathedrals and a unique formation that makes for an entertaining handstand shot!






First dinner for the boys in England? They went with fish n’ chips and a juicy hamburger with veggies. Dessert made up of a sweet fruit cider.





Waking up early to catch the first bus to Stonehenge was highly suggested by the owners of the bed and breakfast. Thankfully we listened as our bus wasn’t nearly as packed as the ones to follow!




Im not sure anything can prepare you for the “wow factor” that hits your attention as you approach the massive boulders of Stonehenge. Most of us have seen pictures and some may have even studied it, but it’s incredible to see first hand. How did they get there? Where are the other stones? What did it all represent and for what purpose? Although I could go on and on about the religious representation or the human burial beliefs remaining here, I’ll let you research the history on your own. Amazing to think that it’s believed to have been built anywhere from 3000 BC to 2000 BC!

Although you’re not allowed to touch them, a walk around the scenery is definitely enough to give you a proper idea of the entire property.








Why is everyone on the phone? No, that’s just the informational audio device that is complementary as you walk in. I just thought it was funny that it always looked like everyone was just chatting away at such a historic site.



Lets pause for a minute and bring back some photos that have now made there way into a tradition. First Machu Picchu, then Yosemite…



…and now, Stonehenge!


Finishing up brings us to a nice grass area that allows Mike and I to have some crystal talk about our favorite stones and let the magnitude of this place be fully absorbed.




Creative photo of the day!


Now it’s time to take another ride, this one is to the big city of London. I felt the need to bother my boys for a bit of “time eating” fun on the train. I’m assuming my abundance of energy came from the excitement knowing that our next set of accommodations happens to be with another familiar face (to be exposed in the next post)!



England… To be continued!

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3 thoughts on “Stonehenge

  1. Denise

    Woww! Incredible pictures again!! See you this weekend honey! ❤

  2. Robin

    We’re Anglophiles, but have never made it to Stonehenge. Thanks for the share. Have a great time in London, people watching on High Street, riverboat up to Greenwich.

  3. Mark Courtright

    Hi Erika. Looks like a great trip so far…love your creative photo of Stonehenge…awesome! It captures the mysterious aura of the place. Thanks for being their guide and showing Mike the ropes. Hope he’s eating OK. You’re awesome! Continued safe and fun travels…

    Mark Courtright
    Sacramento, CA
    Office: (916) 422-3110 | (800) 742-3444

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