Floor seats in the Lima airport

This is when “Her Happy Trails” has a slight bump into “Her not so Happy Trails”. During my 19 hour trip from Quito to Arequipa, I met some incredible people, took some amazing photos and then instead of pushing “import”, I pushed “delete”! Did your heart just break like mine did? Let me follow that sentence with the full gratitude that I am safe, healthy and still have all of my belongings. Always need to be thankful for the positive side, right?


Ive departed from Quito and have now checked in for the beginning of my 9 hour layover in Lima Peru. Due to the fact that I had the entire night in the airport, I figured a hot tea and free wifi was a great way to burn some time. Now imagine a vibrant brazillian girl about my age with an unmistakable glow, sitting at a Starbucks coffee table with the only empty chair across from her. I asked to sit with her and in minutes we were chatting away about well, everything! Our conversation felt like two friends that had finally reunited, taking time to share similar traveling stories all the way to discussing the beauty of being in love.

Visualize a photo here of a gorgeous girl with happiness radiating from her eyes. Marcella, you were a such a joy and perhaps I’ll see you in another path crossing!

After a comfortable visit, she offered me the other half of her dinner (which you know cost a bit in the airport) and a sincere hug goodbye. Dinner, tea and a new friend in the first two hours. What a beautiful start!

By this time, it’s 10:30pm and I don’t depart until 5:30am. A stroll around the airport takes you in circles staring with a blank gaze at the over priced souvenirs and sugar filled snack options. This is where the picture was supposed to be of a massive mountain of every candy you could imagine to be purchased by the weight.

I decided to plop down (because sitting is what you do in a chair) and stretch out on the floor. What’s that… Are my ears deceiving me? I hear a familiar song that comes from my home state of California being played. It’s clearly not on the radio and the vocals are in an original tune. I have another 7 hours to find out where this gift is coming from! I didn’t need to search long as I rounded the corner, there sat an adorable guy with his backpack as a cushion and his guitar in hand. I had no hesitation to plop down directly across from him (this time more gracefully of course, due to his magnetic smile) and enjoy the music.

After having floor seats to his private show, we started to chat the usual “where are you from… Why are here…etc.” Instead of describing (and possibly boring you) I’ll just say it was yet another easy conversation with a friend that I was just catching it up with. His genuine smile and kind eyes matched his positive personality that I truly hope to connect with again. Considering he’s based in LA, another long layover might be in my near future!

David, I’m so sorry that the priceless photos I took of you were deleted, this simply means we need a retake! I cheers to your experiences that led you to the cold floor in Lima… honored to have been apart of it.

They say “time flies when you’re having fun”, or in my case, when you’re reconnecting with new friends. It’s now 2am and I figure a nap would be better than nothing at all, so I headed to my gate and dozed off to be woken up with the boarding call to Arequipa.

I survived the flight which was one of the most turbulence filled that I’ve had in awhile and collect my bags. Red eyed yet thrilled to be back in Peru, I see my ride to the hotel where I had reservations. I thought for sure, it was my exhaustion when I was struggling to comprehend his sign.

As if I didn’t need another reason to smile, look at what they thought my name was… this HAS to be me!


Next post in Arequipa… Sneak peak!


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