Now I lay me down to sleep… In El Salvador

Besides the one memorable night at the tropical farm, here are the two hostels we stayed at during our El Salvadorian adventure. The first place is called Hostal Cumbres del Volcan ran by Malcom and Gladys with tremendous assistance from Sarah and Walter. This place feels more like a bed and breakfast as the open kitchen and common area feels just like home.




The decorations are simple but vibrant and like any other good hostel, they have the usual collection of trading books and movies.



The personal interaction and helpful attention given to us by the staff there absolutely made our stay what it was. A special thanks to everyone at Hostel Cumbres del Volcan!

This hostel sat in the corner of the village of Juaya (why-you-uh) the place with the waterfalls and food festival. Equipped with an open kitchen and large common area, it was hard to bump into other travelers. The rooms had similar options with dorms, privates and shared.




Moms favorite place to sip her coffee was in the back garden area. Fountains, trees, fruit and flowers…. What’s not to love?




I was entertained by scoping out all of the recycled items that contributed to this busy yard.



Can you spot the shoe?


With the comfortable accommodations and the welcoming staff, I would definitely stay at either one of these if my journey brought me through El Salvador again.

I’ll finish this post with the sign that made me giggle every time I used the restroom.


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