“Do you ever make money on the road?”

As most of you know, I volunteer in exchange for most of my accommodations and a majority of my food. However when I’m not working, I choose to stay in hostels as a way to save money… and make some too!

In my “home away from home”, I start out by hanging a sign that informs the other guests of my haircutting services and follow up by spreading the word in hopes for a few clients. The prices vary depending on the country.
For example, the average haircut in New Zealand is $65 so I charged $10-15 and here in El Salvador you can snag one for $8.


It may not seem like much (especially to my former clients back in California), but with just a few willing travelers, I’m able to pay for my stay at the hostel and pocket some spare. After simplifying my life, it’s amazing how rewarding this minimal exchange is to everyone involved!

Here are two lovely ladies that were here on a mini holiday after working in the medical field in Honduras. All the way from Oregon USA, meet my first two clients who were brave enough to sit with an audience and let some backpacker play with scissors.







Next up, a character from New Zealand finishing up his third year circling the globe. Thankful for my services, he explained that while in Mexico, he walked into a barbershop and in his best Spanish accidentally said, “Will you cut off my head please?”




Finally a vibrant personality that was such a joy to be around. Miss Jill had enthusiasm for her new hair cut that brought back pleasant memories of my days at the shop!






Ignore my half eyed shot here and focus on her excitement. After she checked out the cut, i got a genuine thank you with her Luxembourg accent accompanied with a huge hug. I love my “job”!



The next morning we found this note that was left before she had departed along her way.

See you next time on this beautiful open path my friend! Safe travels.


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