Day one in El Salvador

While visiting mom, we were reviewing the general layout of the next stretch of my travels. Without second thought out of my mouth came “you should join me, I think it would be a great experience!” After listing all of the reasons she shouldn’t or couldn’t, I then replied with… “Those all sound like reasons of why you SHOULD go”!
A week went by of me discussing possibilities and after hard thought she came to me said, “I’m in.”
Can you believe it folks? One backpack, two weeks, a spanish farm and no french vanilla creamer… She’s in for an adventure!

Now boarding… El Salvador!


We landed safely and have an entertaining ride to our first hostel to San Salvador.






Welcome to our temporary home as we plan on returning after volunteering, Hostal Cumbres del Volcan. We had minimal time here, so I’ll share more photos later. Just an idea of our surroundings…





Remember that collection of classic movies I described that every hostel seems to have? Found them!


We woke up to an authentic breakfast provided by our host and new friends Sarah and Gladis. Scrumptious!




I asked for some spice and what did they provide…. My favorite sauce!


Our next destination is in the small country side of Libertad. We will be volunteering on an organic farm full of tropical fruits, a variety of veggies and other fresh items in need of harvesting. This is also a community in which they guide the local children in recycling product and material to create a sustainable lifestyle. Brilliant! This all starts tomorrow and we are both extremely excited to meet our new hosts. If you’re curious for more details about there organization, here’s where we’ll be!
El Salvador Tropical Farm

A few photos from their website.






I’m not sure of the internet acess or the wifi strength on the farm, so please bare with my quanity and quality of posts for the next 10 days. All smiles till next time!

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One thought on “Day one in El Salvador

  1. Misti Neely

    Looks like a blast. Enjoy your mom I’ll be watching for updates. Love the pic’s there beautiful..

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