Helping hand in Kuala Lumpur

My last night in Malaysia, I took a bus back to Kuala Lumpur for a good nights rest and an early rise for my flight to Japan. I chose the Reggae Hostel based off a suggestion from my local friends.

Time to make a quick acknowledgment to my new pal that went above and beyond his call of duty to help me. I had left my backpack with my previous host and needed to retrieve it before the evening was over.

Being that I was in one of the largest cities in Malaysia at night, by myself and caring all my belongings, taking the round trip alone didn’t seem like a brilliant idea. I asked this hostel employee if he had any friends in the cab service that I could just pay to do the whole trip with me. (At this point I wasn’t going to put a price on my safety).

He said if I could wait until he got off work that he would make the entire trek with me. He was a local and knew the streets, so I patiently waited for him to finish up work. My helpful guide named Usman is on the left.


Not only did he kindly lead me right to where I needed to go, he payed for the tram and cab with nothing but a smile the entire journey. This didn’t even include the history lesson I got along the way as we would pass different buildings and church sites.

I returned safely with my backpack and a new buddy! The next morning as I was reviewing the map on which path to take to get to then tram that takes me to the bus that delivers me to the correct airport… In walks my personal guide. As if he hadn’t done enough already, he says, “Let’s go, I’ll make sure you get there”.

Add this guy to the list of quality people on earth who have helped me reflect on being a better person… Would I have done this for someone? I hope so.

With an easy trip to the airport, all checked in and ready to board. Next destination is south of Tokyo Japan to visit my cousin Brandon. Great times ahead!



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One thought on “Helping hand in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Robin

    So glad you’re playing it safe when necessary–and making lots of new friends in the process!

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