A small touch of Munich

The dirndl and lederhosen are packed and it’s time to explore outside of the fairgrounds.
We contacted Alan (the Aussie we met in Amsterdam and ran into at the Munich train station) and he joined us for lunch with Marion (the sweet girl I met at Oktoberfest years ago). We chose the original Hofbrauhaus to give Marshall and Alan the full experience!
This time of year sends locals and tourist here to chant the traditional songs and prost to the band that plays while you enjoy authentic Bavarian cuisine.




After lunch we said goodbye to Alan wishing him the best with high hopes to someday see him again.

Time to explore the English Gardens! This is a spot in the city that holds over 900 acres of beauty from a Chinese tea house to open green lawns larger than New Yorks Central Park. It’s complimented with a stream running throughout and several inviting paths. Here are some sights we saw including some from along the way.










This is one of my favorite hidden spots of Munich. On any given day youll find a consistent wake flow that creates a perfect wave for surfers to come out and play. What a great addition to a massive city!





On our way back we found the same group of pleasant people playing bocce ball. I liked the glimmer of the hanging lights in this shot.


We drifted by the famous Marienplatz for a one last walk through and a quick handstand photo.



Marshall was doing a fantastic job of capturing this shot when a friendly voice asks if he needed help… It was Alan! Another unplanned run-in with our favorite backpacker! He joined us to finish the walk and we part ways again with the same smiles and hopes to one day reunite.



The next morning Marshall and I snag a train to the airport to pick up our new means of transportation, a rental car!



As we exit the packed train and head into the international side of Munich airport, it happens… Again! It’s Alan! The universe has crossed our paths for the 5th time in 5 days! He’s boarding a flight to England as we are driving off to Austria so this will be our final farewell till next time.




Meet our new set of wheels for the next 6 days, 5 countries and over 1,000 miles of road! We named her Flugenehienzenreich Oonglenzeugetz Strausfiker, but we call her Flugen for short.


Next stop, Salzburg Austria!



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4 thoughts on “A small touch of Munich

  1. Tiffany

    I’m so glad you got to see the surfers. Wasn’t it amazing to be in the middle of a land locked city and see something like that? Munich is a beautiful city and I definitely hope to get back someday!

  2. Your blog is so much fun to read and getting me so excited for my trip to Germany!

    • Thank you so much! I smile every time I read a comment like yours… I send you amazing energy for your trip to Germany!

  3. eisbach dudes – yeah! 8)

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