Do you stuff your bra?

Do you stuff your bra? Of course! Even if I’m not wearing one and especially if I’m without my backpack, I’ll always have tissue stuffed somewhere on me.

If you score big and don’t need the tissue for your public bathroom use, there’s always the eyes and nose with an occasional need.

Let’s not forget the spilt wine, a dripping peach or handful of salty nuts the elderly man from the local market gives (forces) you as a sample gift. That after you politely decline, he places in your hand anyway as if you said “Oh yes please, that would be amazing!”.

I’ve torn off a square and rubber banded it to my finger until I could find a bandaid or tape.

Stuck some in the heel of my boot after hours of dancing in the wrong shoes.

Wiped off fruit, absorbed sweat and cleaned the mouth piece of a water bottle that I dropped in the sand (not all with the same piece of course).

When reading the following you can use your whisper voice: I’ve been that girl dabbing off a greasy meal in order to get it down without feeling like I’m drinking the oil is was cooked in. I usually don’t order fried items, I’m actually talking about the “salad a’tun” where they use fish and oil to top off the raw veggies. I really don’t need to eat my salad with a spoon.

I’ve given my bra-o-paper to a young mom with a runny nosed child that was hovered next to me on a crowded bus. Please visualize for a second, when I say “crowded”, I mean two dozen standing passengers on a bus that seats 10. With the “I know this guy isn’t happy to see me” and “Her hair smells like corn” kind of bus ride.
Not to mention you’re the tallest whitest female with all eyes not hesitating to stare at you. I can only imagine they have innocent wondering curiosity, “Is that Angelina Jolie? Did she finally come to our village? No, couldn’t be. This girl has entirely to small of…. Lips.”

I suppose the only disappointment (if you call it that) coming from carrying spare tissue in your bra, is if you cross a “special” guest of the evening that ends up totally confused when all up top disappears. I suppose that’s their issue, not yours!

All said and done, the main reason for the traveling tissue stash, is the hard to avoid toilet use. A portion of the bathrooms don’t provide toilet paper and if they do, chances are it’s dripping wet on the floor or possibly sold to you out front from the person who probably took it from the stalls. Either way, there’s a certain level of hygiene that’s easy to maintain by simply being prepared.

Here are some different bathroom pictures I’ve captured along my journey. Honestly, these are just for some visual stimulation to enhance this post.

These are from a hotel in Timaru New Zealand.







Random toilets:








…and the winner for “Eh, I can hold it”, is:


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2 thoughts on “Do you stuff your bra?

  1. Reblogged this on Her Happy Trails and commented:

    This was a quick post that was recently brought back to my attention. Flashback time! Enjoy

  2. Robin

    Therein lies the reason I always have a couple of Cottonelle individually wrapped personal wipes on my person–never know when they might come in handy. 🙂

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