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I know, I know… I’ve been slacking in the food blogging department, sorry friends! Those of you who have a general idea of my views on health know it plays a large part of my daily routine. Not only do I love to eat, I thoroughly love to create dishes that balance nutrition and flavor while keeping it convenient and low cost, especially while traveling! I wasn’t going to create this section assuming “everyone knows this trick” or “nobody would ever eat this”, but silly me… I have been pleasantly surprised at the questions I’ve received about my food choices and even more excited about the curiosity that usually follows. Either from people back in the states asking “I know how you eat when you’re here… So what are YOU eating on the road?” or from other travelers that have an eyebrow up when I bust out the walnuts and frozen peas.

Please note: I have minimal documented education on health science or nutrition.  Most of what you will read is what I’ve independently researched, practiced and found to work for me. Who says they’re ALL right anyway?

No need to fear, I’ll also include any of the unique eats I fall upon either at famous restaurants or the local mom and pop cafes. Also not forgetting about fine beverages and deserts i’ll sample…  you know, all for the blogs purpose right?

So I only have one rule that I’ve set and kept during all my travels, drum roll please….
Not to eat or drink from any chain restaurants that I can get back in the states, specifically California. I have walked several blocks, passing many starbucks  just for a local coffee and oats. Stubbornly I’ve waited for lunch while my fellow travel partners have grabbed a Subway sandwich or Dominos pizza. I’ve never starved and it’s always worth it.
Beyond that simple rule, i have a few general “guild lines” that I like to keep in mind while making my eating and drinking choices. I feel like “rules” naturally make people want to bend or break them, so “guild lines” just create an idea of would be (what i think) are better choices. 

This category of the blog has only just begun so let me give a quick shout out to my favorite food and the rest will follow in good time.

Veggies, herbs and vegetables! (No worries wonderful fruit, you get your own post).  I’m not a vegetarian but vegetables and herbs are my “go to” for flavor, fullness factor, weight management and the main source of my nutrient intake (the goal is not having to depend on man made supplements).

Talk about organic! Almost had this little guy for lunch…
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Some of you may hear the word “vegetables” and find the disturbing image of soggy canned corn and peas on a plate with your loving great aunt telling you to “Eat em up… They’re good for you!” 

Personal note: My great aunts would never do such a thing.

Quick analogy: Let’s say your favorite treat is a moist piece of homemade (enter favorite cake, cookie or pie here)  with a scoop of fresh cold vanilla ice cream. You meet someone who says “Yuck, I had one of those from the  lunch truck  last year and after scraping off the layer of  ice fuzz, I didn’t really prefer the flavor of the brownie thing that could of been a cookie or possibly smashed cake. And I wasn’t a fan of the ice-cream either because i didn’t like how it was able to string from my plate to fork when I scooped it.”
Sad day, right?

This is the way I feel when I here of those horrific veggie-tales. In future posts I’ll be giving some delightful recipe ideas that not only leave you liking vegetables… But craving them!

Herbs. This is the not the word that describes the white sandy stuff that you saturate your brussels sprouts with or the cheesy goo that covers your broccoli. I’m talking about natures magnificent field of flavors!  I’ll get into more detail of some of my favorites with future recipes.

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