Art for the healing

My volunteering here felt more like a jewelry making holiday! I put in my hours of work and received accommodations, a lovely meal and somehow left with new handmade jewelry and 2 blown glass pieces, that I made!

Daniel and Gabrielle are a husband and wife duo that host travelers like me. I felt right at home when Dan (a rugby player recovering from injury) inviting me for a workout, personal thanks for the sore arms and tight core! Gabrielle entered the room with a huge smile that never left her bright face. These two are a great balance for each other and by example showed me another wonderful sight of genuine love.

My volunteering here was in Gabrielle’s workshop. Beads are created along with jewelry making kits and taken to the hospital for patients to use, for what I believe is an excellent sort of therapy.

Specifically at the children’s institute, each time a child gets a “treatment” they receive one of Gabrielles handmade glass beads (ranging from animal figures to fruit and flowers). Then at the completion of their battle, they have an entire journey necklace as a positive memory on their success! Simply magical.

I have several pictures to share, but I’m off to catch the Ferry to the South island of New Zealand!

As usual I have no idea when wifi will be available, so I’ll catch ya when I can!

Still smiling, Erika

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