Bunk bed comedy in Sydney

A quick pit stop in Sydney before my flight out to New Zealand. Just to give you another idea of the wide range of hostles out there, this one is called “Wake up!” 
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Its most definitely on the larger scale with several floors, a bar, a cafe, kitchen, movie chill room and a roof top club.

Front desk and the Internet cafe.
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“Chill out” movie room with bean bags for chairs.
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Breakfast isn’t included and the kitchen is only open from 6a-10p which is a bummer for an early riser that has to catch a flight. This panorama is of the kitchen to the sitting/ eating area.
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This time I was in a 6 person coed room. I was greeted by an adorable couple from Finland that informed me of the other mates… 2 partiers and a snorer. Awesome. By the time I arrived I was only going to be there an entire 12 hours, so a shower and bed is all I needed. It worked.

The only interruption I got was the “kid” on the top bunk that decided he wanted to chat on my return from the ladies room at 3am. It took a whopping 30 seconds from start to finish and went something like this:

Scene is him hanging his head upside down from the top bunk as i crawled into the bottom bunk. All to be said in a loud whisper:

Him: “Well hello there.”
Me: “Hi.”
Him: “Where are you from?”
Me: “The States.”
Him: “Care for some snuggles?” (yup, he used those words)
Me: “So kind, but no thank you.”
Him: “How old are you love?”
Me: “29.”
Him: “21?” (excited)
Me: “Twenty NINE.” (emphasise on the 9)
Him: “Twenty NINE?!…. Oh.”
Awkward pause
Him: “So, you wanna cuddle?”
Me: “Good night.” (as I literally pulled the sheet over my head)

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