More to come!

Just a quick post to let you all know that the connection is still minimal. I do guarantee a heep of updates with pictures as soon as I can!

For now, just know that I’m thouroughly enjoying my tree cabin and all the work that comes with it. Here they have wild cockatoo’s and parrots that play at sun down and sun up…. Who needs roosters anyway!?

Each morning we wake for coffee and porridge before we put on the gloves and gum boots (rubber boots). By the time the sun is at full rise we are muddy knees in the garden picking what needs to be eaten for lunch and dinner that day. Love it! Then off to the bamboo forest where we’re clearing a way for the new clubhouse to be built.

Around 11:00 everyone stops for noon tea and snack usually consisting of some combo using fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade breads, cakes or a healthy dose of seeds and nuts. Sign…. Me….. Up!

Back to work to finish up by late lunch (today was self rolled sushi with any ingredients off the land and some scrumptious fish)and then the rest of the day is leisure time. Yesterday the entire family and I had our own books, all spread apart on our favorite areas of the property. Ben(dad) was on the outdoor couch, Sarah(mom) was on the lounge chair on the porch next to Ben. Zoe and Tom(the kids) made a “sun relief” hut (a tent) by the banana trees (pronounced “buh-nah-nah” not “buh-na-nuh”). I was dosing off by the stream that runs next to the fruit trees.

Dinner time comes around and we sit outside (every night) and enjoy fresh food and local wine until the birds let us know it’s dessert time. Over dessert (that has ranged between Sarah’s baked yum yums to yogurt, fruit and organic dark chocolate) we discuss the days work and make fun predictions for tomorrow that always end in, “Oh but no
worries, we’ll see what the day has for us when it gets here”.

Im sure you can imagine the incredible pics I have to share, truly looking forward to posting them!

Time for the family beach walk up the coast… Cheers till next time!

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2 thoughts on “More to come!

  1. Denise

    I can totally picture what you mean just by your writing, wow what a life 😉

  2. sounds amazing. How lucky this family is to experience all you have to offer the world and how wonderful for you to meet them as well. I’m not surprised and can’t wait to hear more about the adventures of Erika. It’s kind of like “where’s Waldo” isn’t it?! Keep doing what you do!


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