Flight to Sydney

Quick post this morning as I’m off to run to the market before I meet up with Aba and Kamal (two pals I met in Europe last year who live here in Sydney). I’ll update you on that later!

This is me, Tika and Chelsea with a quick photo before loading up the car for the airport.
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So I’m boarding the flight, and although Im fine sitting in which ever seat with whom ever, there’s always that moment of – ok, what do I get next to me for this round? (“next to me” meaning of course thighs touching, elbow rubbing, aroma sharing, food commenting, breathing on my shoulder, snoring partner, and let’s not mention “let me wake you up…again… To climb awkwardly over your knees with my head ducked because you didn’t stand up so I can make it to the isle to stand in line for the closet of a bathroom…again”).

Fear not my friends, although this was a short flight I got to sit next to this friendly German backpacker who started in Thailand and is now making his way around Australia. His name is Patrick, named after his moms old heartthrob Patrick Swayze. Amazing how quickly you can get comfortable with someone. Great luck to your journey Patrick… You are a sweet one!
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I’m looking forward to sharing my huge post about the “Hostel life” and what this one entails, but for now here is what I walked up to… My new front door for the next 3 days.
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One thought on “Flight to Sydney

  1. Patrick hintz

    haha why did u upload the first pic? ^^
    btw i found a hostel pretty fast, its really nice here in the redlight district 😀 hope u enjoy sydney as much as i do!

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