Hurry and vote… I leave tomorrow!

All righty friends, I arrive in Sydney on Tuesday and I start my volunteering on Friday. Thursday is “Australia Day” (celebration is similar to the States 4th of July) which means there will plenty of food, music and entertainment for my stimulation… Woohoo! Beyond that, I would love your help with what else to do… All suggestions are appreciated!

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4 thoughts on “Hurry and vote… I leave tomorrow!

  1. Hi Brie! Thanks love… Checked out the bridge again and you’re right 🙂 hmmm, we’ll see!

  2. Brie

    So at first I thought the Bridge! But its expensive! I think getting lost is the Best and most rewarding.

  3. Thanks Matt! Any chance you can fly over and meet me? Haha, I’m sure we would have an absolute blast!

  4. I was there for just 24hrs in 2006. I walked along the waterfront @ Syndey Cove, Cockle Bay, and Dawes Point. I checked out the aquarium and took a ferry to the zoo. There’s a museum of contemporary art near the opera house. You really should take a ferry ride. Sydney Harbor is regarded as the most beautiful urban waterfront in the world.

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