First day in Australia

The flight was surprisingly more comfortable than I had imagined. (I dont mean lounge chairs and a foot massage). I sat next to two lovely ladies that spoke enough to make time pass but allowed for some restful peace and quiet as well. Qantas air did an excellent job of keeping up the smiles, offering food and wine and let’s not forget Daniel… He’s the charming Australian steward that remembered my name (also referred to me as “beautiful”). Oh dear… Haven’t even landed yet and I’m already blushing by the Aussie accent…uh oh!

Well first day out, I freshened up and through on a black lace shirt with skinny jeans and a clock necklace (Flava Flav would be proud). The purple scarf and turquoise ring is to add a splash of color.
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The girls took me out for a delicious lebiniese dinner and then we hopped on a tram to the city for drinks on “The Roof Top”.
Here’s a pic of me and Chelsea in France followed by the most recent of us here in Australia.
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
This is Bridget, another wonderful girl I met in Europe, sitting with me on a ledge at “The Roof Top”
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What a view!
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4 thoughts on “First day in Australia

  1. Audrey Gomez

    I’m sorry that I missed your going away! I got your blog address from Crystal and I’m starting here at the beginning! Happy Easter!!

  2. Nina

    I’m so sorry I did not see you depart! But I am glad to see that wonderful memories that you are capturing on your journey through a new and bright life! Keep sending updates – miss you girl!

  3. So cool!! I’m already jealous 🙂

  4. Love your photos, Erika! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us! Keep ’em coming!

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