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2012 Archive

Thinking about heading abroad… been there before and care to compare? Here’s a general layout of the archives from 2012. You can connect directly to the posts by clicking the underlined month. My journey is an open book so please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions! You can comment below or […]

Helping hand in Kuala Lumpur

My last night in Malaysia, I took a bus back to Kuala Lumpur for a good nights rest and an early rise for my flight to Japan. I chose the Reggae Hostel based off a suggestion from my local friends. Time to make a quick acknowledgment to my new pal that went above and beyond […]

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Penang part 1

I was craving some “lost in a city solo” time so I thanked Kuldips family for the incredible week and priceless local experience as they dropped me off at the central bus stop. I heard that the island of Penang was one of the most culturally diverse states here in Malaysia. Sounds perfect! A few […]

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Temple festival to a night market… What a day!

Even though there’s no secret pass word or handshake to get through the entrance, I was still honored to partake in this day at a festival in a temple. If I was traveling without a local, I would of been a bit hesitant to shuffle on in and check it out, but after being invited, […]

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Bajans in Frankfurt and Americans in Wiesbaden

Who gets up before sunrise, takes a train to one of the largest international airports with fingers crossed in hopes that they can find a friend in passing just for a hug? Ooh, pick me pick me! (pretend my hand was eagerly raised like a hyper school girl). This is the segway polo team that […]

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“How do you afford all that traveling?!”

How do I afford it? I’m not a professional traveler nor do I guarantee that “my way” will work for everyone. I’ve just been asked so many times that I feel the need to share as much as I can in hopes that others will take an opportunity in their life and make it happen […]

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Hand standing around the world

I started taking these pictures for fun during my first year backpacking and after a few were collected a great friend suggested that they needed their own page. So, here it is! Although you may have to search a bit, every photo has a handstand in it. The most recent is at the beginning. Enjoy! […]

Volunteering on the reserve

The past 5 days of volunteering has been a mind full of new information and experiences that brought unexpected lessons about maintaing a reserve. The “Hinewai Reserve” sits on the far peninsula coast, east of Christ Church. To arrive at this welcoming place you must first drive through an adorable town called Akaroa (that I’ve […]

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