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Part three of 2013

Part One and Part 2 did so well, I thought I’d bring an additional light-hearted post to wrap up what was yet another amazing year on the road. Lets just jump right into it! Anything with a wheel honorable mentions: The runner up is a quirky little mobile that you should not be surprised that […]

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Top photos of 2013 – Part One

Time to reflect on the past year of traveling and give you my top picks for photos that I’ve placed in randomly themed categories. After spending entirely too much time (that I thoroughly enjoyed) narrowing down from 18,000 pictures, here are the first 4 categories from 2013. For Best facial expression, the honorable mentions are: […]

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Angkor Wat – exploring the city of temples

Angkor Wat – “Temple City” is a historical site that lies just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It’s been referred to as the Machu Picchu of Asia and is the largest religious monument in the world. Tickets are necessary and run $20 for a one day pass, $40 for three days and a seven day […]

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Eat, drink, dance and feel the love in Amsterdam!

Denise should look extremely familiar to those who have been peaking at this blog for the past 21 months as she has made many appearances. I met this magnificent lady years ago while we were studying in Alicante Spain. We reunited in Argentina for some volunteer work and more studies and have spent many of […]

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Time for a quick background on the two faces you’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks of posts. First, Hayden should look familiar to most you “experienced followers” as he was just with me in Peru and Costa Rica. I take partial responsibility for giving him the travel bug… I’ve heard […]

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Hot Springs or a Brewery? Both!

Im going to start right off with some fun comparison photos from past and present travels with this power group. First photo is a picture we snapped in the sacred city of Machu Picchu. Without knowing what the others were doing, we all agreed this would make a great album cover! Second album cover comes […]

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Wait, you really want me to climb that thing?

Are you ready for this? Follow along as I take you on a quick journey that guides you to my next entertaining reunion. Meet Hayden, a childhood friend that I grew up with in Folsom, California. He recently extended his travel wings and met me in abroad in Central and South America. Here we are […]

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Aguascalientes… more than just hot water

After the memory filled days of exploring Machu Picchu, the boys took the long route and made it up even higher as Ann and I skipped the bus ride and walked back to Aguascalientes. One of the outstanding features of this city, is how it sits hillside with a beautiful river running through it. Even […]

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Are we supposed to go through that dark tunnel?

Last year, I started my Machu Picchu post with what’s written below. “I feel a huge challenge trying to describe through words and photos the magnitude of energy and massive beauty that this place holds. If Machu Piccu has been on your “list” or this page intrigues you whatsoever, please remember: YOU ARE THE ONLY […]

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For dessert… Hugs around the table.

It’s been said that you cross paths with people for a reason, season or a lifetime. In my case, I come across so many beautiful connections, I feel like they all have a reason. Some, for that very moment to bring joy or possibly a lesson that is needed at that time in my life. […]

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