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Friends, meet your new friends!

We had a speedy layover through Denmark, the land of the Danish. Of all the things in the airport, this character caught my eye and I felt the need to share. You’re welcome.   Ok, that’s all from Copenhagen so now a whirlwind weekend in Amsterdam!   Since I’ve blogged about this unique city so […]

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Worst tour guide ever?

Once upon a time I went to Munich Germany to experience the ever so popular festivities of Oktoberfest. Who would of known that this event would introduce two of my now dearest friends, Carina and Florian. I’m grateful to say that it would take several posts for me to show you all of the connections […]

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It all starts with a “Hello”.

Ok ok, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve got wonderful reasons why. Let me catch you up on just a portion of last months beautiful connections and reunions Ive gotten to experience. First up, we have an outstanding host turned friend that took me in while trekking New Zealand. From Wellington, […]

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Part three of 2013

Part One and Part 2 did so well, I thought I’d bring an additional light-hearted post to wrap up what was yet another amazing year on the road. Lets just jump right into it! Anything with a wheel honorable mentions: The runner up is a quirky little mobile that you should not be surprised that […]

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Sebel and the Beatles in Germany

Although I’m always sad to leave my Dutch friends and say farewell to Amsterdam, I was eager to move on to our next stop… Recklinghausen! Haven’t heard of this place? Not many have, as it’s a smaller city in the north west of Germany and the home to many of my dear friends. This trip […]

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A walk to the London Eye!

Moving on to the sight seeing portion of our London visit. Since I’m not volunteering during this stretch, I decided to introduce the hostel life to Mike and Hayden. With over 800 accommodations offered, choosing one could of been exhausting, but this time it was easy to narrow it down… Why? I found out prior […]

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2012 Archive

Thinking about heading abroad… been there before and care to compare? Here’s a general layout of the archives from 2012. You can connect directly to the posts by clicking the underlined month. My journey is an open book so please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions! You can comment below or […]

A small touch of Munich

The dirndl and lederhosen are packed and it’s time to explore outside of the fairgrounds. We contacted Alan (the Aussie we met in Amsterdam and ran into at the Munich train station) and he joined us for lunch with Marion (the sweet girl I met at Oktoberfest years ago). We chose the original Hofbrauhaus to […]

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Oktoberfest – Outside of the tents

Our train to Munich was my first experience in a spacious sleeper cabin. When I say spacious, I mean large enough to stand next to your bag with one foot on the bed and an elbow in the sink. We had to take turns getting ready but that was a tiny price to pay for […]

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What do you get when you mix 4 Germans, 2 Dutch and me?

A party in Amsterdam! Quick recap: I met Carina and Florian, years ago at Oktoberfest who introduced me to Julia and Sebastian this year. Denise and I met while studying in Spain last year and just met Ioni in Argentina this March. Since I know all 6 of these incredible people I felt more than […]

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