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If these walls could talk… would you want to listen?

Several of the posts I’ve done from Barbados highlight the stunning line of the west coast. It’s a challenge keeping my camera away from the contrasting turquoise waters and light sand to the green trees and bright sky.      Spotted these little pieces of art while strolling along Batts Rock on the southwest coast. If […]

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Scorching past noon o’clock

This is a quick post to share one more way I attempt to stay, as my grandma Speer would say, “wide-eyed and bushy tailed”. Clean(ish) eating, social stimulation and a positive attitude help me stay healthy while along this unpredictable journey that I’ve chosen for myself.  Physical fitness is another piece of the pie-o-well-being. Some of […]

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Mr.Delicious doesn’t serve pig tails

Although several of my recent posts of Barbados have been mostly of major events or daily excursions, (if you haven’t seen them, I suggest checking out Down de Road and Paint me up mudder cup) they’re just a small part of what this beautiful island has to offer. I’d like to share with you a […]

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Time for a quick background on the two faces you’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks of posts. First, Hayden should look familiar to most you “experienced followers” as he was just with me in Peru and Costa Rica. I take partial responsibility for giving him the travel bug… I’ve heard […]

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Jumbled July shenanigans in California

When some think of California they picture the long haired surfers living on a beach or possibly downtown Hollywood being packed with movie stars. Although that does makes up a small portion of this magnificent state, let me welcome you to Northern California and the natural beauty that comes with it! This trip back was […]

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Hot Springs or a Brewery? Both!

Im going to start right off with some fun comparison photos from past and present travels with this power group. First photo is a picture we snapped in the sacred city of Machu Picchu. Without knowing what the others were doing, we all agreed this would make a great album cover! Second album cover comes […]

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Gas station gourmet food!

That space in time in which the reality of your insignificance is brought to your attention. A brief instant in which your largest worries, all of sudden seem so small. Those moments you begin to feel just how grand this world really is. While our hands healed from the climbing and our muscles reminded us […]

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Wait, you really want me to climb that thing?

Are you ready for this? Follow along as I take you on a quick journey that guides you to my next entertaining reunion. Meet Hayden, a childhood friend that I grew up with in Folsom, California. He recently extended his travel wings and met me in abroad in Central and South America. Here we are […]

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Hand standing around the world

I started taking these pictures for fun during my first year backpacking and after a few were collected a great friend suggested that they needed their own page. So, here it is! Although you may have to search a bit, every photo has a handstand in it.  The most recent is at the beginning. Enjoy! […]

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