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Farewell Santa Catalina, I’ve been adopted!

My final days at Cabanas Time Out leave me feeling sad to depart from my new friends but eager to explore other parts of Panama. I get asked often of “how” I decide where to go next or just how far do I plan ahead. My response varies quite a bit depending on the situation. […]

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A closer look at Santa Catalina, Panama

It’s been almost a week now working at Cabañas Time Out here in Santa Catalina and the weather has been hugging us with 90 degrees of pure sunshine. What’s this? A new volunteer who has come to help out! Meet Joseph, a fellow backpacker and a joy to cross paths with as he makes his […]

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Streets of Panama City to the beaches of Santa Catalina

I arrived safely to my new destination of Panama, a central American country located inbetween Costa Rica and Columbia. I have a day to play here before I catch a bus to my volunteering project that lies out of the city. The budget hotel I’m staying at is nothing to boast of except it offers […]

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A mirror selfie, really Erika?

Yup.  This solo photo and tiny post is for two main reasons. #1 – For the friends and family that don’t have facebook or consistent contact with me.  Here’s an idea of how the end of each travel stretch usually looks like.   #2 – For me.  In years to come, I’d like to look […]

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Handstand of 2013! The winner is…

I absolutely loved watching the votes roll in, thank you! Plain and simple, here are the winners starting with the runners up and working to #1! The honorable mentions start with an open green area in Cusco, Peru. This area made up just a small part of the exciting journey we spent exploring the streets […]

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2013 Handstand of the year! The nominees are…

Thank you so much for the suggestions on this round of handstand of the year! After reading all of your input and reminiscing on the priceless moments that went into capturing these actions shots, I’m honored to present you with the official nominees for 2013. So please take a hard look (or just a quick glance) and […]

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Part three of 2013

Part One and Part 2 did so well, I thought I’d bring an additional light-hearted post to wrap up what was yet another amazing year on the road. Lets just jump right into it! Anything with a wheel honorable mentions: The runner up is a quirky little mobile that you should not be surprised that […]

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Yoga at La Buena Vida!

It’s my morning off and one of the last days here, so I decided to treat myself to a yoga session back at my favorite little spot in town. La Buena Vida is an artistic hotel offering private villas, massage, yoga and a variety of sweet treats and healthy meals in there open air restaurant. […]

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“Cabañas Time Out”

Welcome to the “barefoot luxury” hotel of Cabañas Time Out located a short walk from one of the best surf breaks in Panama. In fact, next month Santa Catalina is hosting a massive surf competition right here! Hmmm, maybe I was two weeks too early? I wake up with the sun to find the owner […]

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Hand standing around the world

I started taking these pictures for fun during my first year backpacking and after a few were collected a great friend suggested that they needed their own page. So, here it is! Although you may have to search a bit, every photo has a handstand in it. The most recent is at the beginning. Enjoy! […]

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