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Getting shot in Peru

This story will forever be embedded in my book of memories. It was my buddy Hayden’s first time backpacking and I say this because he put full faith in me and all of my experiences. I had planned the trip, reserved and booked all of our transfers and even sent him a “must bring” and […]

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The Peruvian Cooking Experience

I arrived in time to check in at Casa De Avila, grab a shower and meet up with the group for what is called “The Peruvian cooking experience”. I’m usually not the first to sign up for an organized excursion, however this has great reviews and besides, who doesn’t love to cook, eat and drink? […]

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Last weekend in Peru

After Huacachina, I caught a 5 hour bus ride back to Lima for my last weekend in Peru. Ashgan and Simon stayed back to plan their next leg of South America as I load up and head out. Some pictures from the bus ride. With only two days in this huge city, I follow my […]

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Part one of volunteering in Peru

There’s something extremely unique in the eyes of the people here, at least in the village I stayed in. There’s a sparkle when they smile I’ve never seen before. If I had to guess it would be the simplicity of life they live that allows for the beauty of “the present” itself to be truly appreciated. […]

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7 years ago today…

What were you doing on this exact date 7 years ago? I was zipping up my backpack to load up before my mom dropped me off at the Sacramento airport for the first day of an unpredictable journey around the world. I can recall having no fear or at least no hesitation in the adventure […]

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Scorching past noon o’clock

This is a quick post to share one more way I attempt to stay, as my grandma Speer would say, “wide-eyed and bushy tailed”. Clean(ish) eating, social stimulation and a positive attitude help me stay healthy while along this unpredictable journey that I’ve chosen for myself.  Physical fitness is another piece of the pie-o-well-being. Some of […]

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It went all over my shoes

In 3 years of traveling, I’ve only gotten what some would consider “sick” just a handful of times. No more than if I were at home living a day to day routine. With that said, here’s a short story that sent my happy trails on a little detour. It was the beginning year of my […]

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Handstand of 2013! The winner is…

I absolutely loved watching the votes roll in, thank you! Plain and simple, here are the winners starting with the runners up and working to #1! The honorable mentions start with an open green area in Cusco, Peru. This area made up just a small part of the exciting journey we spent exploring the streets […]

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2013 Handstand of the year! The nominees are…

Thank you so much for the suggestions on this round of handstand of the year! After reading all of your input and reminiscing on the priceless moments that went into capturing these actions shots, I’m honored to present you with the official nominees for 2013. So please take a hard look (or just a quick glance) and […]

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Please help nominate for handstand of 2013!

Last year I was thrilled to see the votes roll in for handstand of 2012. Between the stories that come with each shot to the actual snapping of the photo, every handstand has a significant place in my memory and its always neat to see which ones stand out to you! Here were the honorable […]

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