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A small touch of Munich

The dirndl and lederhosen are packed and it’s time to explore outside of the fairgrounds. We contacted Alan (the Aussie we met in Amsterdam and ran into at the Munich train station) and he joined us for lunch with Marion (the sweet girl I met at Oktoberfest years ago). We chose the original Hofbrauhaus to […]

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Visitors, a dozen of them!

Visitors! I’d love to go into full detail about each guest and at happened while they were here, but I’m too eager to catch up to the present day! With that said, I’m just going to sum up the 10 wonderful months of guests (for my selfish reflection and future reference). First there’s Florian. If […]

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Let’s play catch up – part 1

If you check out the prior post, you’ll grasp the idea that my blog took a well needed moment of hibernation as I focused on the more fragile priorities in my life. So first off, I want to thank all of you that contacted me during this break in loving concern, your messages came at […]

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Hurry up and wait!

The 4 of us left Bochum early to make our way to Munchen knowing the others would soon trail behind by driving themselves the following day. 11 hours on a crowded overnight bus (with team chatterbox behind us) made the 12th hour of transit seem refreshing and oddly easy. Once we made it to the […]

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A waffle, a walk and a picnic in the park

The city of Bochum sits between Essen and Dortmund in the  northwestern part of Germany. It offers shopping, a variety of food and a long street of bars, clubs and pubs.  Our favorite spot?  Just at the end of the strip is Konrad Adenauer Platz or KAP for short. With open air seating for the […]

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Worst tour guide ever?

Once upon a time I went to Munich Germany to experience the ever so popular festivities of Oktoberfest. Who would of known that this event would introduce two of my now dearest friends, Carina and Florian. I’m grateful to say that it would take several posts for me to show you all of the connections […]

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It all starts with a “Hello”.

Ok ok, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve got wonderful reasons why. Let me catch you up on just a portion of last months beautiful connections and reunions Ive gotten to experience. First up, we have an outstanding host turned friend that took me in while trekking New Zealand. From Wellington, […]

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Crete, the hometown of Zeus

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, and sits just north of Africa. The wonderful people here consider themselves “Cretan”, not Greek and do a fine job of representing their independent culture. One of my favorite fun facts, speaking in mythological terms, Crete is believed to be the place where Zeus grew up! I’m […]

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Germany meets Folsom in Costa Rica

Meet Charles aka Chaps (and “Charl-les” if you’re in Central America). He is the most intelligent teddy bear that will keep you smiling until your cheeks crave a rest. This week brings him right into San Jose for work, which happens to be the exact city I’m picking up my next surprise guest! Here we […]

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And the winner is…

Thank you everyone for contributing to the decision of the “handstand of the year” photo. After open nominations and a week of voting here are the winners! In a strong first place, you voted for the shot at the top of Stone Mountain in Atalanta, Georgia. Thank you Marshall for capturing this winning photo! The […]

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