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Monkey business in Malaysia

Still floating on my cloud-o-joy from the previous day, I reconnected with Brian. He’s the energetic owner of the Green Forest Cafe. I had mentioned my craving for more mental stimulation and active movement. Before I knew it, he closed up shop and set the day ahead full of fun surprises. Activity #1 A beautiful […]

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Volunteering in Malaysia!

I met Marcel while sipping a health shake from “The Green Forest”. (For more details of that magnificent morning, please see “A ray a green light in Malaysia” from the Edibles page). He’s the smiling customer sitting at the bar in the blue shirt. During our breakfast conversation my volunteering came up and he said […]

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A ray of green light in Malaysia!

Hopefully it’s clear from my writing that I like to focus on the positive that surrounds my existence. From the vibrant people to exotic places, new food to priceless adventure, I hardly have anything to complain about. So acknowledging that, please read the following post knowing that I mean it with love and great intention. […]

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White Coffee and Egg tarts in Ipoh, Malaysia!

Within just a few kilometers out of the city, the earth of Malaysia is starting to expose itself. A few pics of the road trip from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. We follow a few cozy streets that lead us to her families home. Shoes off at the door before entering (they have an amazing ability […]

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City to night life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The captain comes on and announces our arrival, first in Malay then in English. This is when my heart picks up pace and I feel those familiar butterflies come alive in my stomach. I can’t believe I’m landing in Malaysia right now! Why here? Ill skip the first dozen reasons that include but are not […]

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Friday Fitness week #13 – Turns Out it’s Tuesday.

I committed to write a post on health and fitness every Friday and so far, I’ve pulled it off. Well that’s about to change. I’m still eager to share with you my thoughts and research findings, however from this point it’s going to be spontaneous Friday’s (Aka – write when I want to). The rest […]

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First “Friday Fitness” post!

JOIN ME! I’ll be posting every Friday on our journey to a healthier state of mind, body and reaching personal best! There’ll be realistic weekly goals to challenge ourselves with and tools to help accomplish them! I’ll be sharing my voyage with recipes, workout ideas, struggles, successes and (the dreaded) transitional before/after photos. It’s time. […]

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I traded my flip flops in for walking boots

I gave my hugs to the wonderful hosts in Trinidad as they dropped me to the airport. This was would be the last of my island days (for now) as it’s time to meet up with more friends for a journey north!   Imagine going from months of this…     To the sight of this!  […]

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For some… it is what drives us

Time to exchange the flippers in for a paddle as Duane loads us up with a surprise.  Have you ever watched a movie in which a group explores through the wilderness, then kayaks through the clear ocean to hike the deep jungle until they fall upon a glorious beach with huge waterfalls covered by rainbows […]

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Scorching past noon o’clock

This is a quick post to share one more way I attempt to stay, as my grandma Speer would say, “wide-eyed and bushy tailed”. Clean(ish) eating, social stimulation and a positive attitude help me stay healthy while along this unpredictable journey that I’ve chosen for myself.  Physical fitness is another piece of the pie-o-well-being. Some of […]

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