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Jump kick in Machu Picchu

Last year, I wrote about some secret tips that were given to me by a local. My promise still stands, if you’re ever going to make experience the sacred city, please write me and I’ll gladly expose a few hints that will enhance your journey! Until then, the secret remains amongst them who have made […]

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Machu Picchu

I feel a huge challenge trying to describe through words and photos the magnitude of energy and massive beauty that this place holds. If Machu Piccu has been on your “list” or this page intrigues you whatsoever, please remember: YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN… SO DO IT! Earlier in the […]

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Trek to the base of Machu Picchu

There isn’t a main train station at Machu Picchu itself, the closest stop is in the nearby town of Aguas Calientes. Here is where you can hop on a smaller train to connect you the rest of the way. From Cusco you have a few options to get there: You can enjoy the fancy train […]

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First “Friday Fitness” post!

JOIN ME! I’ll be posting every Friday on our journey to a healthier state of mind, body and reaching personal best! There’ll be realistic weekly goals to challenge ourselves with and tools to help accomplish them! I’ll be sharing my voyage with recipes, workout ideas, struggles, successes and (the dreaded) transitional before/after photos. It’s time. […]

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It went all over my shoes

In 3 years of traveling, I’ve only gotten what some would consider “sick” just a handful of times. No more than if I were at home living a day to day routine. With that said, here’s a short story that sent my happy trails on a little detour. It was the beginning year of my […]

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Getting shot in Peru

This story will forever be embedded in my book of memories. It was my buddy Hayden’s first time backpacking and I say this because he put full faith in me and all of my experiences. I had planned the trip, reserved and booked all of our transfers and even sent him a “must bring” and […]

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Mr.Delicious doesn’t serve pig tails

Although several of my recent posts of Barbados have been mostly of major events or daily excursions, (if you haven’t seen them, I suggest checking out Down de Road and Paint me up mudder cup) they’re just a small part of what this beautiful island has to offer. I’d like to share with you a […]

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It all starts with a “Hello”.

Ok ok, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve got wonderful reasons why. Let me catch you up on just a portion of last months beautiful connections and reunions Ive gotten to experience. First up, we have an outstanding host turned friend that took me in while trekking New Zealand. From Wellington, […]

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Handstand of 2013! The winner is…

I absolutely loved watching the votes roll in, thank you! Plain and simple, here are the winners starting with the runners up and working to #1! The honorable mentions start with an open green area in Cusco, Peru. This area made up just a small part of the exciting journey we spent exploring the streets […]

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Please help nominate for handstand of 2013!

Last year I was thrilled to see the votes roll in for handstand of 2012. Between the stories that come with each shot to the actual snapping of the photo, every handstand has a significant place in my memory and its always neat to see which ones stand out to you! Here were the honorable […]

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