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You know you’re in Japan when…

You know you’re in Japan (and not a local) when… …you run out with money in hand to what you think is the ice-cream man. Then after looking around confused, you realize it’s the garbage collectors truck playing that sweet music. Not funny guys… not funny. …you go for a jog outside, in public and […]

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Sushi hopping in Japan

A situation that posed a bigger challenge that I expected was trying to order without someone who could read and/or speak Japanese. How silly of me to assume that the menus would have pictures or English versions. On one hand, what a great sign clearly proving we weren’t settled for the tourist spots. On the […]

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Snacks, Japan style!

This post is the first of few as I look back on my stay in Japan. I feel my time there was way too short and has left me searching the calendar for a return date. Could it have been the fresh food and unlimited amount of tea options? Maybe it was all of the […]

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The Japanese Gardens

After a busy week at school (in other words, being totally lost in la clase trying to figure out if she was assigning homework or complementing my ability to cut hair) we thought having a day out on the town sounded refreshing. Denise and I collected a new friend from Holland named Ioni… Off to […]

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On the road again!

After 8 months in Folsom, we were preparing to make our journey from California to Florida. First step was to sell our beloved Toyota 4Runner and purchase a “grownup” vehicle, a family friendly, fuel efficient, safe and reliable Subaru Crosstrek. In the meantime, we had been looking into renting a Uhaul trailer to tow all […]

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Honeymoon Road trip – part 1!

Saying goodbye was a bittersweet this time leaving my new found island home. As Matt and I packed up the last of our things, there was a sense of sadness realizing I didn’t have a return flight, yet at the same time excitement filled the air. A new adventure, an unknown journey, something I had […]

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Surf, fish and strike a Pose! 

In the past few weeks Barbados has hosted some entertaining events bringing in people from all over the world.  Matt and I got to play a small role in a bundle of them, so let’s review! First up was a surf competition on the popular beach called Drill Hall, better known as Brandon’s Beach. Local […]

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Barbados behind the lense of Craigg Basham

So my buddy shows up with a tiny piece of luggage, an awesome attitude and a camera the size of my head. Instead of posting details of where each photo is taken, I simply invite you to appreciate the vision behind his lense. Craigg (seen before in This girls on fire and Cliffs, caves and fish cakes) was […]

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Cliffs, Caves and fish cakes!

Once upon a glorious backpacking trip, I went to visit my cousin in Japan and had an amazing time! You can check it out by clicking on any of these posts. During the events, I came accross this happy guy that brought an abundunce of laughter to the already entertaining journey through the country of sushi […]

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White Christmas… snow or sand?

Who do you spend your holidays with?  Relative: a person connected by blood or marriage. Friend: a person who you like and enjoy being with; one who is attached to another through affection. Family: a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation (in my opinion it’s a combo of the above). […]

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